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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 24, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it's a brand new week and that means a brand new edition of "right this minute,"he best videos and stories behind them and it all starts right now. when shots ring out in seattle a news photographer heads straight into a terrifying scene. >> this guy is a true professional. >> hear what it's like to be smack in the action. >> yeah. it was pretty wild. >> toby keith surprises a fan by saluting her soldier husband. >> what's his name? >> keith. >> see why the musical tribute wasn't the big surprise. a little girl with autism starts doing ballet moves for her parents. >> and then one day it occurred to them, wait a minute. >> those are no ordinary moves. we've got the astounding story.
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plus, cottonmouth versus rattlesnake see who gets a brutal eat down and learn the secrets to slo mo smashesi from the master. >> i'm gallagher and you're watching "right this minute." i have a story for you our viewers in seattle have been following. i wanted to share it with everybody else. a photo journalist from kiro tv was on assignment, covering a court case at the federal court house when he heard shots fired. the photographer's name is eric alexander. this guy is a true professional. because once he heard that gun go off, he didn't run for cover. he didn't run away from the gunfire. he ran toward it. you see a man, a masked man,
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almost like he's wearing a rubber halloween mask, on the ground. that guy just moments before according to reports had robbed express jewelers and was running out, firing his gun at a security guard that was in pursuit. as eric alexander came up to the scene with his camera, you see just everyday people in seattle, they detained him. >> tackle him. >> back up, man we had to know more about this story and more about this photo journalist eric al her, right this minute via skype we have eric. walk us through exactly what's going on in this video? >> i looked across the street and i saw a couple guys fighting, but then i saw the gun and heard the gun, go down on the sidewalk. the guards that you saw, they were the security guards from the federal courthouse. everybody on that pile, just regular people. the guy with the hat and long hair, he sells homeless newspaper. why would this guy get involved, risk everything when had he
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probably doesn't have much, to stop some guy from hurting other people. it was amazing. >> most people hear gunshots and go the other direction. did you ever think twice? >> no, i didn't. my brother saw the footage and on-line and said, what were you doing? >> one moment says sounds like you got a phone call. >> got to go, bye. >> was that your assignment desk, everything settled down and i said i need a crew down here. they said there's two on the way. i said okay. >> what did your bosses say? >> there was a pause when i got back. >> you're a brave soul do what you were did. >> those folks on the pile that were still struggling with the guy who had the gun, they're the ones that remind you. gee check out this footage from
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combat in afghanistan. these are a group of british soldiers and look at what happens. >> [ bleep ] out. >> that was just a random rpg that was fired at them by the enemy while they had just finished a fire fight. most amazing thing about this video isn't necessarily the rpg itself but the reaction. >> give us a smile. give us a smile. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> these guys after a huge fire fight are running on pure adrenali adrenaline. i'm sure they don't know what's coming out of their mouth. >> when the rpg doesn't hit you, you do laugh, smile, celebrate. this is a moment where the enemy didn't hit their target and yeah! >> laugh at the enemy's crappy aim. >> instead of laughing i would be going no throughout this entire video, terrified even after, that before that, during that, the whole time stew these
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guys are amazing. they are insanely brave and their day-to-day routine and they're still alive after that rpg went off. >> the guy goes to the other guy, smile for the camera. >> i would be going -- >> [ bleep ]. >> no! the only thing good from this video is that the suspects turned themselves in. this happened in pensacola, florida. these two people, the woman, age 20, the guy, 17 years old, get a taxi ride. >> $5. >> they get out. the cab driver tells police the young man pointed a gun at her and told her to get out of the car. >> get out of car. >> she got carjacked in her taxicab. >> after she gave them a ride too, that's the worst. >> i don't have no money. i just started. >> the cabbie said the girl said shoot her, shoot her multiple times. he didn't. he told her to get in the trunk.
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>> no. >> he pulled her hair, orders her to get in the trunk. she's in the trunk and then he and the woman get back into the taxi to try to drive it away. but they can't. they don't know how it to operate it. >> what do they think they're going to get from a taxicab? it's not like you can take a tacky cab and drive it as your own car. they don't know how to drive yet. >> they're old enough to know how to drive. there must have been something operational about the taxi they couldn't get it into drive and go. they start rifling through there, take money and other items. >> go, go. >> they switch places. neither can get the car started and then they fled on foot. the taxi driver got out and asked for help nearby. wo days later denarius mason turned himself in as well. ladies, something interesting went down at a recent toby keith concert in houston, texas.
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i have to say, i have a feeling there wasn't a dry eye in the house after this. you see toby on stage. eventually he asks -- >> anybody here tonight got a soldier or marine overseas that you love? >> all of a sudden on the screen you see this girl here in a tan dress. all her friends are pointing to her. before you know it, she's up on stage with toby keith. >> where's your husband at tonight? >> afghanistan. >> oh. >> she says her husband, major pete cruise, is serving currently in afghanistan. and toby is about to perform his song "american soldier". >> do this song for major pete cruise tonight. >> it's great song. emotional song by itself and you add this. >> we're just getting started. >> oh, gosh. >> toby starts singing and she's singing and crying at all once. >> thinking of her husband in afghanistan. >> eventually they hug and the song is over. >> this is a beautiful -- >> her husband is out saving the world. >> the planet. >> hold your horses.
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>> there's more? >> what? >> oh! >> is that her husband? >> her husband, major pete cruise, was there the whole time. >> she didn't know he was coming in tonight. >> did you see that kiss? oh. >> of course, this is another entry from the welcome home blog. if you don't get chills watching this right now, you might be dead. >> i love it. this is like the greatest story ever. >> see what i mean. not a dry eye, even in here. i would imagine these guys have probably done this all over town. >> and done it in 80 seconds. see how fast the pros ste s stee than a million next. the guy's first sky dive, something you'll really appreciate when you see the landing. >> land on that runway. >> do the soup
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[ dog growls, barks ] bring your dog to work day... not our best idea. are better than others. that was fast! thank you.
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police in manchester released this video because they're trying to get t the public's help to try to find
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the three men that broke into a jewelry store in the uk and they stole 100 watches that police estimate are worth about $1.6 million. >> good luck. these guys are really covered up. they have masks on, gloves on, you can't tell the chore of their skin. you can't tell how build they are build wise because they have bulky suits on. >> police are saying they used crowbars and axes to break into the display cases and they're wearing high visibility suits which makes it really difficult to identify them. they took the time to selectively choose which watches they were going to take, but get this, they were gone in 80 seconds. >> that's another sign that they are professionals, that they know jewelry well enough to know the value of each watch, which watches to take, the ones that will get them the most money. >> to do it so quickly as well and in front of other shoppers because this was during business hours. >> this was when the store was open? >> au hey.
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>> who would think these guys probably came in there days before as customers and walked around and figured out where the most expensive items were before they came in and busted this joint. >> here at "right this minute" we love when we see stuff in super slo mo. and they've done it to the master smashing stuff. gallagher. >> i've always wanted one of those mallets. >> that's glitter gallagher. >> glitter off the mallet. that's crazy. oh. boy that is super slow motion. that looks like milk. >> yogurt. >> this guy wants to be hit with smashed watermelon by gallagher. >> watermelon and glitter. >> what is that ice cream?
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no. what was that? punch? >> we can did gallagher who we have right this minute via skype. what made you say i'll do this? slo mo with all this glitter. >> i'm trying to be cutting edge and show people they haven't seen things before and get everybody's attention and that's what i'm doing. >> were you afraid of swinging the mallet on fire next to your long locks? >> no. i don't have very main hairs left. i don't care. i thought it would make a good video. that was the first time i ever used glitter. i can't believe i haven't done that my eti wr sme of the suff identify. was it milk or ice cream you were smashing? ? >> you need two things in the pan. something that's squishy and then something that's a projectile, so rice and yogurt is an example. but you can see it in slow motion. >> how did you guys like that mallet on fire?
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>> they poured gas on it when i pulled my hammer back and then just lit it. that was all there was to it. and it was dangerous. i was in a room of plastic. how stupid. >> all the years of swinging this big heavy mallet around, did you ever pull a shoulder muscle? >> yeah. i hurt right now. i did 4,000 shows. i'm 66 years old. >> so are you going to retire ever or are you just going to smash watermelons? >> i've retired since my heart attack in march. if people want to see me smash they have to check out this video. i'm mostly working on my motorcycle gang. can you see my patch on my hat. >> says the undecided. >> we're people that can't figure out which one of these two clowns we want to vote for. we're undecided. these are our two presidential candidates fighting all the time and i'm just trying to keep them apart. they're nuts. >> someone's got to play mediator. might as well be gallagher.
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the story behind stanley the train in space. >> it's the cutest father/son project you ever want to see. >> meet the father and son next "right this minute." it's the story of an autistic girl with an unexpected gift. >> she is standing here performing the entire coppelia ballet. >> see why this remarkable performance floored her family. >> it's jaw dropping, really. >> cottonmouth versus rattlesnake. >> and the fight is on. >> which deadly predator wins this round "right this minute." >> that's cannibalism, right? anncr: more anti-maryland ads.
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this is 10-year-old cla clara bergs and she is autistic but also has digeorge syndrome. she is standing here performing the entire coppelia ballet from memory. >> now this screen is just on this video. she's not watching anything? >> she's doing this from memory. >> wow. >> oh, my goodness. she must have seen at some point. >> yes, she has. this was her favorite ballet. her parents say she loved coppelia and noticed she was going around the house doing these ballet moves and then when day, it occurred to them, wait a minute, i think she's actually performing this ballet. ♪
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>> i mean it looks like we're almost watching like a mirror image here. >> her parents, of course, found this remarkable. years earlier she had struggled learning to walk and learning to talk, but her parents sought treatment at the intensive multi treatment intervention program in toronto, canada, and she just started blossoming. ♪ >> one of the reasons her parents have posted this video, their family has lost some of the funding they were using to put her in this intensive multi treatment prevention program and they are currently trying to raise money and they want people to help her it continue to grow and to progress and so they have a website where you can go and donate. the main thing they want people to know is that your child is capable of anything. never underestimate what your child can do.
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pick your predator. the formidable cottonmouth or the always deadly eastern rattlesnake. cottonmouth. >> rattlesnakes. >> rattlesnake. >> rattlesnake. >> filmmaker hieko kiera of shot this sequence in southern miami. he went out to film pythons that parmers were complaining about. instea ot captured these two. the cottonmouth above the rattle snaik and the fight is on. >> no. >> it's a wrap. >> that was a neck shot right off the bat. >> i picked wisely it looks like. >> he's going to eat the snake? >> oh, yeah. the cottonmouth injects the rattlesnake with venom. the head swells and before you know it he starts munching, snake on snake action here.
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>> cannibalism, right? >> cottonmouths are known to be opportunistic eaters. hieko said it took about 45 minutes until the cotton mouth finished his meal. while the rattlesnake was halfway into the belly it was still rattling. end of the video you see him sitting there kind of fat and happy, looks a little girther than prior rattlesnake meal. >> only thing that would make this better if the python this guy was looking for came around and ate this snake. >> snakes on snakes on snakes. >> if you want to see this entire meal go down, go to click on best of rtm. the hunger games get the case of bad lip reading. >> i thought the hunger games was about a battle to the death. >> it's about a lot more than that. >> what did you do? it's like a hot foot forest. >> well i got the -- where you
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make fudge puddles. >> my bad.
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cabs in new york city can be hard to come by, especially like during peak transit times in the morning, rush hour, on your way home from work. two dudes duke it out for a vacant cab here in the new york city streets. guy on the right pushes him and tries to run off for the the cab. he pushes him. the door is open. this person is getting out. he tries to jet for the cab. a headlock happens.
2:25 pm
the bigger guy is able to snub this guy out and wheezele into that cab. >> did he just slam the door? he could have slammed his leg in that. >> not before the skinnier guy whacks the dude in the head one time. it almost looks like it hit him in the face. >> just share the cab, dude. >> i can't believe the cab driver sat there and waited for this to go down. i don't want either one of these guys in my cab with that attitude. >> what do you do if you're the guy getting out of this thing? is this like the best cab in new york city. >> maybe they thought it was the cash cab and their chance to get 500 bucks. >> patience. patience is a virtue. >> yep. the folks at bad lip reading are back and they didn't go political this time. they had fun with "the hunger games" and i thought "the hunger games" was about a battle to the death. it's a lot more than na. >> what did you do it reeks. it's like a hot foot forest. >> i got the squirts.
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you know where you make fudge puddles. >> my bad. didn't need the visual. >> can we forget it? >> fudge puddles. >> is that our her rowen from "the hunger games" and she's got all kinds of issues going on. >> hey, tuna flavor. >> i'm the again. >> too excitable. >> crank. >> he's so right. hey joe. who's joe? >> you're not joe? i thought he was joe. >> he's cod fish joe. >> i haven't seen "the hunger games" so i feel like this is a real movie. >> stupid. >> you're dumb. >> okay. whose father is on crack? >> that will end any argument, whose father is on crack? >> and that's how babies grow. >> you got to be kidding. >> you stink. >> you're famous fouowill you q? running arounflavor.
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>> g good nickname for s troutman. >> ost it,>> know, no. beautiful places on earth, why damon went hawaiit. for his first. he's going to do a tandem jumpp with this guy, this instructor. >> some stnger you have to trus a plane. butiful location for a first skydive. >> exactly. >> 14,000 feet. they'll have about a 60-second freefall on the way down. everything looks gorgeous. damon enjoying his first skydive. look at him. guy couldn't be happier right now. that's him in the black shirt in the bottom. >> his knees are strapped together. is that some sort of don't freak out move? >> sort of. watch the landing. to me the landing is almost as impressive as the skydive itself. nice parachute glide down over hawaii. >> going to land on that runway.
2:28 pm
>> do the swoop landing? >> swoop a little bit right into damon's wheelchair. >> what? >> oh! >> oh! >> that's why his knees were strapped. i was like is that some new way of strapping. >> damon uses a wheelchair. his instructor nailed that landing. he and damon have an incredible first experience. that's our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next
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